All of our boards are directional and top-mounted. Most of the features of our longboards are extremely customizable according to your preferences. Need a specific flex or size? Just let us know! 


Coined "The Gateway Shape" by Joe at Burning Spider, the Pintail cruiser is one of the most prolific longboard styles. Ours is designed to have a slight concave to allow the smoothest of rides. Great for cruising! 

retro ripper

Our Go-To for a board that'll get you there and back. This is a board you want if you're looking for something compact and sturdy to take with you anywhere. Awesome for the commute, great for freestyling. 

Midsize / downhill

Our meatiest board at 9"-10" wide, our midwestern cruiser is sturdy, and smooth. It's medium flex makes it good at maintaining stability at higher speeds. 

Fatboy Cruiser

Our Fatboy cruiser is modeled after some truly vintage stock. It's old-school style gives it a great shape for tricks and freestyling. 

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