Young Guns
Young Guns
Handcrafted Longboards


Hand-crafted and finished with love. Just for you.


Here in the Midwest, we don't have surf;
So we crest a different kind of wave. 

Concrete hills and wind are what propels us, but community is what keeps us going. so put a wheel to the ground and keep up. Welcome to the Young Guns. 

We're here to do our part in bringing vintage skate to the Midwest. We hand-craft longboards and shortboards with premium maple that we locally source. Since the beginning we have carefully built our boards to fit the needs of every rider; partnering with seasoned riders and artists to create the boards that are not only visually appealing, but stand-up to the elements. 


The warmest thank-you's to the creatives of Kansas City that help keep us pushing forward. You guys rock, and we would literally and figuratively be nothing without you.