Young Guns
Young Guns
Handcrafted Longboards

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What to expect with the customization process: 

1. After you send us an email, we'll contact you back in 24-48 hours. 

2. Then we'll set up an appointment for you to come in and meet with our design team at our Bauer studio.  In this meeting, we'll discuss pricingcustomization options, and timeline. 

3. After we collect your deposit, we'll begin making your board, sending you process shots along the way. 

4. When it's complete, we will make it ready to pick up from our studio, where we'll collect the rest of the fee. 


Interested in how a board gets made? You came to the right place. Here at YG we break it down into four basic steps:


1. Wood


We make the majority of our boards with locally-sourced Maple that we acquire from Metro Hardwoods in Independence. Occasionally, we like to play with different types of woods for solid builds and reclaim wood from the pile behind Urban Lumber Co. 

Once we've chosen our wood, we cut them into strips and press them into a mold. We have different presses and processes depending on the intended shape. 

2. Shaping


Most of our time is spent shaping and sanding our boards. Once our boards are pressed and proper, we cut out our boards out very carefully using a bandsaw. Then begins the process of routing shapes such as wheel wells and custom edges. After, we sand them until they're ready for finishing. This is also when we begin testing the over-all strength and capacity of the board. 

3. Design


Often times we're called upon to collaborate with different artists to produce designs for our boards. So far we've worked with wood-burners, a marbler, street-artists, and graphic designers to produce a wide array of custom boards. 

See our collaborations on our Instagram!

4. Finishing 


The last step that stands between the shop and the street is finishing. Depending on the design, we finish our boards with coats of lacquer, polyurethane, or epoxy. These coatings prevent wear and tear and promote a longer life of shredding.